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The questions we are most frequently asked by employers and the responses:

Are employees from other EU countries cheaper?

Certainly. In accordance with the mandatory minimum wages in each functional group, we are obliged to pay a minimum gross salary in the Netherlands, with the result that the minimum wage of an employee is equivalent to that of her or his Dutch colleague, and employers and employees alike need only anticipate deductions for social contributions required in accordance with A1 payrolling in Lithuania. The employee’s net earnings thus increase by a few extra Euros per hour. And the employer has to pay fewer social contributions.

How quickly can new people start work?

After we have recruited them and obtained your approval, new workers can usually start work within the week.

Will these people be on our payroll?

No, we hire the workers out to you on an outsourcing basis.

Can I hire these employees myself?

On the basis of consultation, a skilled person can always be accommodated in exchange for remuneration to be negotiated.

Where will the employees be settled?

Generally speaking, you are required to provide or negotiate accommodations yourself in accordance with the SNF certification​. If this is a hassle, we can conduct your search for suitable accommodations.

Who takes care of payroll and backoffice matters?

The employees are paid by A1 Recruitment in accordance with the European A1 regulation. They take care of all administrative backoffice affairs by means of outsourcing.


The questions most frequently asked by employees, and the responses:

How much will I earn in the Netherlands?

Since wages are quite high in the Netherlands, you will often earn much more than you would in your home country. Depending on occupation, age and experience, this should be between EUR 1,700 and EUR 4,000 per month on the basis of a 40-hour work week.

How do I get to the Netherlands?

When you accept a job in the Netherlands, we pay your journey to the Netherlands, and we provide you with a budget so you can handle your own travel affairs.

Where will I stay in the Netherlands?

Under European law, employers are obliged to provide proper accommodations for people hired in from other EU and EEA countries. So you can be certain you’ll find accommodations. Where? This depends largely on the work location.

And what about medical expenses?

All employees we hire in receive a European health card. This means that you are ensured compensation for emergency (first) aid in the Netherlands. Furthermore, you can use your own healthcare insurance to simply visit a doctor in the Netherlands. You must have one of these and be able to discuss it.

How long is my contract?

The minimum contract term is three months, but if you do a good job, you can work for two years in the Netherlands, in any event.


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