There are hundreds of thousands of job postings in the Netherlands, and there are shortages in the labour market in practically every sector. Euro Contracting Group recruits on behalf of just about every sector in which the work can be performed by skilled workers, provided these speak basic at least English or German. There are a number of industries in which we are particularly active due to the good match between demand in the Netherlands and availability in other EU and EEA countries.


Euro Contracting Group recruits in various sectors, at all levels, from executive to management,


Many EU countries have a somewhat younger population and, consequently, a far greater number of technically trained employees. This can include, for example, electricians, carpenters, roofers, masons, scaffolders and ceiling system installers.


The Dutch infrastructure groans as a result of an acute staffing shortage, things are getting closer to coming to a standstill in the Netherlands. This is why we recruit all-round specialist staff, including asphalt workers, cable layers, drilling contractors, electricians, civil engineering technicians and other skilled workers.


Euro Contracting Group can recruit very good cleaning staff for you, motivated employees with a highly driven mentality and professional work ethic.


In other European countries, people are very well-trained in the hospitality business. These people are happy to come and work in the Netherlands for a while. These professionals will adapt well to your company’s culture and organisation.


Many European countries have a great many well-trained healthcare workers who would be happy to set out to work in the Netherlands. Not only are these healthcare workers available and qualified, they are also highly motivated.

Restaurants and catering

How does a catering company find new employees? By keeping an eye out for other creative solutions! Hiring in staff from other EU countries is the perfect solution, since the people there treat their work in the hospitality industry as a veritable calling.


Since too few people receive training, ICT sourcing is the only viable solution. This offers Dutch companies the opportunity to bring their development teams at full strength. This way, you can make your company grow again.


The security industry is growing fast and with it, the number of vacancies is increasing rapidly. This sector is relatively large in countries such as Spain Romania and these well-trained people can be put to good use in the Netherlands.


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