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Euro Contracting Group is the partner of the entrepreneurial Netherlands when it comes to recruiting new employees from the EU and EEA. We are a specialised company with all of the required know-how and experience in the field of recruitment abroad and staffing in the Netherlands. Euro Contracting Group supplies people for diverse economic sectors. Technical personnel for construction and infrastructure, care personnel, the catering sector, IT, hospitality and cleaning, we can bring them in to you. In close cooperation with all the relevant authorities, so there are no unwanted surprises.

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We recruit for practically every sector in which work can be performed by qualified, suitable workers, provided they can speak basic English or Dutch. There are quite a number of sectors in which we are particularly active due to the good match between demand in the Netherlands and availability in other EU and EEA countries.


Many EU countries have a somewhat younger population and, consequently, a far greater number of technically trained employees. This can include, for example, electricians, carpenters, roofers, masons, scaffolders and ceiling system installers.


Staff shortages at the NS (Dutch national railways), Schiphol, in road construction, etc. the infrastructure groans as a result of the acute personnel shortage. This is why we recruit all-round specialist staff, including asphalt workers, cable layers, drilling contractors, electricians, civil engineering technicians and other tradespeople.


The demand for care workers is enormous. In fact, other countries often have a great many well-trained healthcare workers who would be happy to come and work in the Netherlands. Not only are these healthcare workers available and qualified, they also possess enormous motivation.

Hospitality & Cleaning

The shortage in the labour market has a siphoning effect on the hospitality and cleaning industries. As a consequence, these sectors also struggle with a significant shortage of employees. Euro Contracting Group recruits people who possess a very good attitude and work ethic.


Organisations become significantly inhibited in their growth as a result of the shortage of ICT personnel. ICT sourcing is the only structural solution to this problem. It offers Dutch companies the opportunity to bring their development teams up to full strength and, consequently, to resume growing.


There are thousands of job postings in the Netherlands, for a great many occupations. Always a suitable job with a fine employer. You earn the same pay as your Dutch colleagues. We take care of your travel and accommodation needs, and provide you with a European health card as well as mentoring and counselling support.

About us

Recruitment and outsourcing specialists since 2002

With more than 600 employees engaged in the Netherlands, we are one of the top five Dutch recruiters of European labour. We commenced operations in 2011 and are thus the fastest-growing player in the market. Our secret? Conducting our own active search using our own recruiters in the various target countries, and indeed without a layer of people and red tape in between. Our network of partners and our good reputation ensures that we receive numerous offers and that professional craftspeople will enjoy working with us. This allows us to set about our work quickly and effectively, relying on short lines of communication, and to deliver results at an extremely good price.

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Are you also in need of good, skilled workers who can start immediately yet work on a flexible basis? Is English-speaking no problem, as long as the work is done properly? Then contact us using the contact form below. We always respond within one business day. If you would prefer to book an appointment right away, then call +31(0)85 060 8869


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