If you are interested in our recruitment services, then we request that you submit the profiles for the employees you’re looking for. It could be that we already have these in stock. If not, we send our recruiters out immediately. Most come from Romania, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Ukraine and Slovakia. Of course, we provide immediate details regarding expenses as well as forsight throughout the process in order to relieve your organisation from the hassles of recruiting and selection.

The potential employees are all extensively screened. We create an extensive job profile of the employees we select, including diplomas and work experience, supplemented with motivation, personality traits, plus an explanatory note from the recruiter.

Persons found to be suitable can usually come to work for you on a short-term basis. The quality of the workers and a good employment relationship are paramount considerations, and always take precedence over availability.

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Complete provision of services

Payroll accounting and accommodations

Accommodations for foreign workers

We take care of all administrative matters connected with registration and employee remuneration. We carry this out in the Netherlands in conformity with European legislative requirements. This has advantages for both your organisation and for the employee. This way, the employee obtains a European healthcard (health insurance) and can work in accordance with the NEN44002, VCA and VCU standards.

If you wish, we can also search for suitable accommodations on your behalf, and provide support with other affairs, such as a Dutch language course or connecting with a local community from the country of origin. This encourages integration, prevents loneliness, thereby promoting happiness and success.

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