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With more than 600 employees engaged in the Netherlands, we are one of the top five Dutch recruiters of European labour.

Experienced specialist in EU recruitment

We commenced operations in 2011 and are thus the fastest-growing player in the market. Our secret? Conducting our own active search using our own recruiters in the various target countries, and indeed without a layer of people and red tape in between. Our network of partners and our good reputation ensures that we receive numerous offers and that professional craftspeople will enjoy working with us. This allows us to set about our work quickly and effectively, using short lines of communication, and to deliver results at an extremely good price.

The founding partners of Euro Contracting Group have been active in the Netherlands in the areas of recruiting, outsourcing and payroll accounting for approximately 15 years. We also have a great deal of experience in the area of laws and regulations and accompanying fiscal matters and, by means of our other ventures, are able to offer a comprehensive service package. This unique combination of expertise, provision of services and experience renders us very effective in the market.

We stand for an enduring relationship with both our clients and our employees.

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Euro Contracting Group is distinguished by a number of strong partnerships:

  • Partnerships with recruiters all over Europe
  • Partnerships with Europe’s outsourcing employment agencies
  • Partnership with A1 payroll company
  • Partnerships with property owners


How is Euro Contracting Group different from other players in the recruitment industry?

  • Good workers for unbeatable prices
  • A speedy process & personal contact
  • Provision of health card to employees
  • Comprehensive backoffice outsourcing
  • Negotiation of employee accommodations

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