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There are hundreds of thousands of job postings in the Netherlands, in practically every branch of the economy. Job postings at every level, ranging from work requiring no specific training to highly specialised occupations that require completion of specific education and training. There are also many opportunities to develop yourself at work, and to learn the occupation while working. Have a look at the sectors below and click on the job postings that interest you.

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We are always looking for good people who want to get ahead in life. Come and grow with us!


Masons, carpenters, installation technicians, roofers, construction foremen, steel benders, tilers, plasterers, crane operators and demolition workers, we can offer people working in all of these occupations a good job in the Netherlands.


Hydraulic engineers, asphalt processors, machine operators, demolition workers, diggers, cable layers, drilling contractors,


Cleaners for, among other things, hotels, offices, factories, hospitals, stations and airports, cleaners of kettles, tanks, reservoirs & containers, gable cleaners, window cleaners, sewer pipe cleaners, street sweepers, sandblasters. No training or only light training necessary, good earnings in the Netherlands.


bartenders, cooks, head waiters, terrace workers, sous-chefs, security guards, doormen, cleaners, dishwashers, chambermaids and porters, the Dutch hospitality sector is seeking all of these. Completion of brief, in-house training is generally sufficient.


As far as the healthcare sector is concerned, we search primarily for nursing staff and care personnel, but doctors, surgeons, dentists and other specialists are also in demand. Here, the ability to speak English is usually a requirement.

Hospitality industry

The Dutch hospitality industry primarily lacks service staff and cooks with a good attitude and work ethic, and who love their work. The ability to speak English is a requirement in this sector as well, in order to be able to offer good services and work as part of a team.


The Dutch IT sector is experiencing an enormous shortage in good developers. Most sought-after are developers who can program in the following languages: PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++, Python, Java and C. In addition, there is a significant shortage of system engineers and application architects. Proficiency in English is a must, and earnings are extremely good.


The security industry is getting bigger and bigger in the Netherlands and with it, the number of vacancies is increasing rapidly. This sector is relatively large in countries such as Spain and Romania. If you are trained as a security guard and have demonstrable work experience, you are well placed to work in the Netherlands. Very good earnings and many different vacancies.


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